Lina & Haan

In order to tap into (or rather, to create a demand for) the girls’ jewelry market, Lina & Haan wanted to make a statement in their new brand identity.

Turning away from overly cutesy identities, I created something simple and pure to incite tasteful self expression among their target demographic. Landing on the rabbit silhouette as an ownable icon, I wanted to communicate the brand’s vibrant creative personality and put forth a vibe that is curious and fun. This exploration perfectly captured and expressed the Lina & Haan story in a concise narrative. At the same time, this was a creative strategy that aimed to appeal to the brand’s audiences– both the child and the parent who makes the purchasing decisions– in a curated and balanced manner.

Rather than falling back on conventions, this brand exploration created a new niche for a trend-setting jewelry line.

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  • Client Lina & Haan
  • Date November 23, 2015
  • Tags All, Branding, Design

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